Global investment

Global investment

After years of strategic planning and operational development,R&B Intl has built a good reputation in industry and own mature market operation way and a sound management mechanism.Also,It won the national high-tech enterprise honor.

Under the strong call of the national policy,after Group company’s research,our WISE ENERGY brand was decided for the global investment. We’ll take product and service as the ligament,based on the core of scientific function.,create a big sports and healthy ecologic circle by join peripheral industries.Let more people with lofty wishes join this platform and create our brilliant future together.Let more multimillionaires stand out from this big platform and share a good opportunity the times give for us.

   You may not know us yet

   You may know but don’t understand what’s our Specific investment project

   Maybe you understand this project but you are still watching!

   Maybe...None of these matters

   I just want to say that watching will never bring you hope,it only can make you worry and sigh.

   Joining the Chaoyang industry instead of being a bystander.We are engaged in an industry, not an individual business and a certain industry.

   The size of the frame determines the space of your development and growth.Work with R&B Intl,will make your career and ideals soar to the skies here.

R&B Intl dedicated to become the leader of world cultural and recreational sports and smart health apparel.R&B Intl will go all out to build up a platform of racing apparel, motor sports, event organization, racing culture.

Create 6000,000 high level Cross-country groups,1500,000 Cultural circle of Sea, land, and air...various extreme sports groups.Spread active, passionate, and adventurous athleticism to form a humanistic cultural and recreational sports ecosystem with existing products, services, markets, and spiritual concepts.

Meanwhile,R&B Intl focus on develop and design apparel with health testing, smart wearable function.Improve the people's  needs of a quality life, contribute our strength to the progress of society!

Product and service radiation crowds

Complete organization and team guarantee

Six industrial advantages

Request of investment

1. People who are willing to devote to the development of the technology apparel industry,people who have dream of entrepreneurship..

2. People who have Great Sports and Great health View.

3. Better are people who identify R&B Intl’s corporate culture and own public resource relations 

4. If you have interest to join us, can provide ID card and phone number or other relevant information


Contact :Joyce

Address:3 BLDG, Guanfeng Industrial Park, Jiuwei New Village, Hangcheng Street, Bao'an, Shenzhen 518126, China.